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Let me tell you about a place
A place far from this world
A place far from this time
Please follow me and
Let me take you to Mysteria

Inside your mind there is a path
A road of shadows deep inside
Don't be afraid it always stands
With visions of your deepest frights

Now step inside and feel the call
Those voices singing your name
Let your soul remember the way
(Open your wings and fly into)

Set yourself free in
You can guide your dreams...

Now you feel the light inside
The force within begins to rise
The sky in there for you
Just take your place

You can rule this world
The power lies in your hands
Once you realize you'll find
You are the master of

Let yourself free in
You can guide your dreams...

See no fears
Release your doubts
Feel the power of your crown
Stand your ground
Don't leave your throne
Cause you're the master of

Mysteria, your dreams are alive in
Mysteria, you are what you are in
Mysteria, no place for fear in
Mysteria, your magic is real
© 2013 Duendelirium
Music and Lyrics by Duendelirium
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