Nana para un Nosferatu - Duendelirium

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Nana para un Nosferatu

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Please, little boy, leave me alone
tonight I don't want to drink your blood.
The sadness has come with all its force
therefore, little boy, leave me alone...

Nosferatu, let me say
what I want when I 'm gonna cry
It's a soft song that makes me be
In the calm
Of a dream...

Nosferatu, sweet dreams sweet
tonight the shadows will sing
with my voice, with all the children
that you have killed every night

Nosferatu, sweet dreams sweet
this is my song, the childhood's end
Nosferatu, rest in peace
I'll carry your curse until the end...

Until the end...
Until the end...
© 2013 Duendelirium
Music and Lyrics by Duendelirium
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